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Maxim Industries Introduces New XRF Machine Investment

Maxim Industries is pleased to announce its investment of a new XRF Analyzer machine which will enhance day to day operations and support the company’s continued growth.

The XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) analyzer will enable Maxim to perform in-house plating analysis of a variety of machined components. Previously, a job which had to be outsourced can now be performed in-house, which reduces lead times and costs for customers.


Managing Director, Paul Shiels says, “This is investment is the perfect example of the direction Maxim Industries is heading in. We’re looking to improve across the board in all areas and our new X-Ray machine improves our commitment to quality”.

“We believe that Maxim is definitely on an upward trajectory so we will continue to invest in our business and people so that we stay ahead of the curve”.

Maxim use the machine to measure thickness typically between 1 and 30 microns in accordance with customer specification. It can also produce statistical reports based on results. It has a deep well which means Maxim can test flat surfaces on various shapes up to around 10cm in height.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Maxim investment and development news to come soon.

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