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Once samples are approved and prices are agreed we now ensure production volumes are built to specification and delivered to an agreed timetable. This is an equally important part of the process.

We ensure that we agree with you and the supplier clear production and delivery schedules.


Our far east teams thoroughly check the first off production run to ensure Specifications are being maintained and that the factory fully understands the testing and quality checks it needs to carry out.

After this is established periodic on site reviews and audits are carried out to ensure that these levels are maintained.


Our far east team manages all aspects of the shipment of finished products from factory to port and onwards to the UK.

Storage Logistics

Our UK team receives the finished products into its UK warehouse, dealing with customs clearance. Real time stock levels are then updated and maintained.

Delivery To You

Knowing what stock is in the UK warehouse and in transit is available to you at any time. Delivery schedules within the UK and Europe are agreed and adjusted subject to agreed lead times.

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